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Lexington County Amateur Radio Society
Meeting on the second Tuesday of each month at the
1900 ET
Eat Before We Meet
Directions on:
147.330 MHz + T156.7 Hz
if needed.

Next Meeting is Tuesday, 2013.XX.XX

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Upcoming Events

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Ham Radio Volunteer Roundup - 2013

Fellow hams,

As the weather gets warmer, lots of organizations are in the final planning stages for their events.

As ham radio operators, we're often asked to provide communications for these events and have our first in just 2 weeks. I'm going to ask that you all check your calendars and let me know which of these you're available to work.
New hams will be assigned an Elmer. Please also note that some positions require more equipment than others. Position assignments are typically made several days before any event, however last minute changes often happen based on volunteer updates, weather, etc.

For those of you thinking about working with us, we have lots of options (varying based on the needs of the event). Rest Stop ham, SAG driver, Sweep vehicle, Medical Liaison ham, Director Liaison ham, Start line/Finish line ham.... etc. If you need more information on any of these, email me and I'll be happy to provide more information.

So, here are our events through Spring.....
Saturday, May 11th - Tour de Midlands - Lexington High School start - 0700 pre-event meeting - should conclude by 1500

Please let me know which of these events you're available to work. Please include your tshirt size and equipment availability.

Thanks and 73!

Tammy A. Livingston N4TAL
ARRL, Public Information Coordinator for SC
Event Coordinator, Columbia Amateur Radio Club
Member, Kershaw County Amateur Radio Club

SC Amateur Radio Awareness Week

The Governor will be issuing a Proclamation declaring June 17-23 as Amateur Radio Awareness Week in SC!!!
Please send your suggestions for this historic event to Lee Griggs, K4ELG
Thanks Lee for your work on getting this proclamation!

Field Day

Field Day 2013 Countdown to Field Day!


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